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Welcome to your SANCTUARY.

Radiance Health & Beauty is more than a spa...It is a sanctuary where you will find individualized care. A place where the time is taken to understand your specific needs in order to achieve true health and results. You will leave here feeling balanced and relaxed. With each visit, an assessment of your current state will be taken to design your perfect Ritual. Yes, Ritual because the treatments are mindful and provide a space where you can honor yourself by showing yourself some love. You should never feel rushed when it comes to your health or personal care. At Radiance you should expect mindful treatments down to the very last detail, EVERY TIME! Your experience with Radiance will be a meditative journey that transcends any other spa experience. 


Mission and Goals

It is our goal to


Provide a Sanctuary for self care treatments that are of the highest quality to bring balance to your whole being.


Provide resources and education that supports your own self-love journey.


Never sacrifice in quality of our products and level of care to give you an extraordinary experience.


Continue to grow in our education and expertise and use our experience to better serve you.


“Self Care is Synonymous with Self Love.”

Rocio Lora  |  Owner and Therapist


My Story is Just Beginning…

Rocio Lora, the owner and therapist of Radiance Health & Beauty, has been a Full Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist since 2010. She attended Aveda Institute in Winter Park Florida where she learned a holistic approach for skin care, massage, and over all health. Her career led her to work in a medical spa for several years where she also gained insight and refinement of the medical aspects of aesthetics and corrective treatments. She continued her education by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine. With her education and experience in both worlds, she learned to appreciate each approach to health and beauty and therefore design a spa that provides results and healing through these methods. Rocio is dedicated in finding solutions to balance the individual as a whole. Her passion is in helping others and more importantly showing others their own potential to heal themselves. Her ultimate goal is to empower and educate others on the path to health and true radiance.


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